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College Cramps And Massive Student Loans

Hungary fx loans should withstand court scrutiny - financial law experts

There are good options there. The private loans are really the bigger issue because private student loan lenders are not required to do a thing to help you out. But there may be some real help available through bankruptcy for the private loans. You should read this article on how and why private student loans do get discharged in bankruptcy. I agree that finding the right bankruptcy attorney is going to be key here. Those guides will help point you in the right direction but you still might need to interview several bankruptcy attorneys in your area to look for the right one to help you.
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The government says it wants the court, known as the Kuria, to rule on the issue, clearing the way for a government-imposed relief scheme. Banks operating in Hungary, including units of Raiffeisen , Unicredit and Erste Bank, fear the court ruling could provide the basis for new measures to help borrowers at the expense of the banks, which posted losses of over 1 billion euros after a 2011 government-imposed relief scheme. The court will examine whether the loans - denominated in Swiss francs or euros but disbursed and repaid in forints - are indeed foreign currency loans. If it rules they are not, that could be grounds to declare them invalid. That would be the worst outcome for the banks, although the financial experts said that was unlikely.
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